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Higgins Outdoors Inc

Don Higgins in front of a number of mounted bucksWelcome to Higgins Outdoors Inc


Higgins Outdoors Inc. is a multi-faceted business focusing on "trees" and the outdoors. We have a series of tree nursery fields where we grow larger trees for sale to homeowners and businesses and also offer delivery and planting of these trees for those folks who do not have the time or equipment to do so. Due to Don's interest in hunting whitetails, we also focus a great deal of our time and efforts towards the conservation side of tree planting.

Don standing in one of the tree nurseriesHiggins Outdoors has planted millions of trees on thousands of acres of conservation projects across the Midwest. Each year we grow several thousand potted trees for use on these projects and for sale to others who wish to do their own planting. In the winter and early spring months, Don travels around the country doing whitetail habitat consulting for landowners looking to make their properties the very best they can possibly be. Don is also a freelance outdoor writer and has had articles published in almost every major hunting magazine and has also authored 2 books on hunting whitetails.

Whether you are a local homeowner looking for a single shade tree for your yard or a landowner living in another state and looking for thousands of trees and advice to make your property a hunters paradise, Higgins Outdoors has the knowledge, experience and desire to make your project a huge success. We hope you enjoy browsing our website and always welcome your questions or comments. God Bless!