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Higgins Outdoors Inc. is a multi-faceted company specializing in conservation and wildlife habitat projects and the production of potted trees and shrubs used on such projects. Don Higgins also shares his whitetail knowledge with private landowners looking to improve the whitetail habitat and hunting opportunities on their properties through his consulting services.

The Higgins Outdoors Story

first buck

On November 16, 1979, 16-year-old Don Higgins shot his first whitetail, a 9-point buck. When he pulled the trigger on that monumental buck God lit a passionate fire in his heart for whitetails, and especially big bucks, that burns hotter with each passing season. Don slowly honed his skills over the years and eventually started tagging mature whitetail bucks on a consistent basis. In 1996 North American Whitetail magazine published his first article and in the years since he has had well over 100 articles published in almost every major hunting magazine. He has also authored two very popular books on hunting trophy whitetails.

In 1991 Don and his wife Robin purchased his grandparents small farm and soon Don began improving the wildlife habitat in hopes of one day killing a deer on the land he had roamed since birth and where his roots are so firmly anchored. The results far exceeded his expectations and that passionate hobby of creating quality deer habitat soon became a full-time business. In 2002 Don walked away from a job of 20-years to strike out on his own doing what he loves. In the years since he has worked all over the Midwest planting literally millions of trees and shrubs while creating thousands of acres of top-notch wildlife habitat. Last year alone, Don and his crew worked in seven states and planted over 280,000 trees and shrubs on a wide variety of habitat projects. Many of these projects were designed by Don for maximum results for the landowner; others were part of government conservation programs such as CRP, WRP, CReP and WHIP. Today Don and Robin Higgins continue to operate Higgins Outdoors with the same passion that they had when they started the venture. They also enjoy spending time with their daughters Andrea and Aliesha, son-in-law Kory Hamilton and grandsons Wyatt and Walker.

A few of the bucks Don has taken over the years














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Some of the bucks Don has taken over the years

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