Drawing the Line

Yesterday I did something that I have never done before as a deer hunter. I hauled several 250-gallon totes of water and emptied them into the last remaining waterhole in the creek that runs through one of my hunting properties. This year’s drought in my local area has this creek drier than in was during […]

The End of an Era

Roughly 25 years ago my whitetail passion led me to acquire a small herd of captive whitetails. My goal at that time was simply to learn as much as possible about whitetail deer in an effort to become the best deer hunter that I could possibly be. Yesterday I hauled off the last 4 captive […]

Age Over Score? Yeah Right!

I hear various versions of it all the time from fellow deer hunters – “age over score”. Yeah right! I am not buying it for a second. 99.9% of all deer hunters are going to shoot the largest antlered buck they can no matter how old it is. That’s just a fact, no matter how […]

Trump Returns!

I have been very surprised at how many people have told me they enjoyed following my blog posts last year about a buck I am chasing that I named Trump. It seems like I am always being asked when I am writing my next “Trump blog”. Well to be honest, the reason I haven’t written […]

Understanding Antler Growth

I see it every year, someone posts a trail camera photo of a buck in velvet early in the summer and hunters start throwing out opinions on how much more antler the buck will grow before fall. The common idea is that a bucks antlers will continue to grow until about mid to late August […]

Hunting One Specific Buck

As we mature as deer hunters we all go through various stages, each of us starting as a green beginner. Then with success comes the desire to shoot bigger bucks so we raise the bar and start seeking something more. For me personally, I remember those first seasons when any deer would do, even a […]

Trail Camera Season Starts in 3 .. 2 …1 ..

In my opinion trail cameras have had a bigger impact on hunting success than anything that has come along since I started chasing whitetails back in the 1970s. They allow deer hunters to scout multiple properties at once, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Without a doubt, trail cameras have helped put me in […]

Trump Wins!

The giant 6 1/2 year old buck I named Trump got the best of me last season. I expected it really. In fact in reviewing my previous blog posts about my quest for Trump I noticed something interesting. In my first blog on this topic I gave myself a “less than 25%” chance of tagging […]

Food Plotters Beware!

The sight of a giant buck standing in a lush green food plot during daylight hours is one that many hunters dream of. It is this dream that causes many of us to spend countless hours and way more money than we should planting and caring for our food plots each year. In fact, this […]

The Lakosky Incident

I have spent the last few days visiting properties across the Midwest as part of my consulting service and thus have not been connected with social media. Last night I logged onto facebook for the first time in a few days to find numerous posts and messages regarding hunting celebrity Lee Lakosky who was apparently […]