Extreme Whitetail Management

There are a lot of deer hunters “managing” properties for better deer hunting. For many this means little more than shooting some does and the biggest buck on the property every year while letting the younger bucks grow up. There is nothing wrong with that approach if the herd can stand to have some does harvested. […]

Can We REALLY Age Bucks from Photos?

You can hardly get on the internet during hunting season without seeing a photo of a whitetail buck someone has posted with the question, “How old is he?” Whats amusing is that some hunters really think they can accurately age bucks based off of photos. Even the QDMA has gotten in on the action by showing photos […]

The Worst is Yet to Come!

I think by now even the most ardent Illinois DNR supporter knows that the Illinois deer herd has dwindled. Even non-hunters recognize the Illinois deer herd is but a fraction of what it once was, and that is in terms of “quantity”. The battle for the “quality” of the deer has already been lost although […]

Trump Makes an Appearance

My quest to tag a 6 1/2 year old buck named Trump has proven to be quite a challenge. The story has garnered a lot of interest as I regularly get asked about “Trump” and questioned about when I will be writing my next update. Well here it is. To quickly recap for those who […]

Is This Years Weird Rut Signaling a Rough Winter?

Over my more than half a century on this planet I have seen Mother Nature do things to take care of her own that simply could not be explained away. For example, I have noticed that in the fall preceding bad winters, the bur oak trees on our farm would be loaded with acorns. It […]

Rut Timing – Does it Really Change?

Every year hunting magazines highlight their “rut forecast” and tell us what to expect in regards to the timing and intensity of the coming whitetail rut. Some outdoor writers use things like moon-phase to determine not only the timing of the rut but the intensity. They have even come up with terms like “trickle rut” to […]

Trump Wins Round One

My quest to tag a giant 6-year old whitetail buck I named “Trump” is starting to heat up. With the month of October now half-way over I thought it was time for an update. After all, the most common question I seem to get asked lately is “Have you seen Trump yet?” Thus far I have to […]

It’s Trump Time!

My quest to tag a giant whitetail buck I have named Trump will shift to a higher gear on Saturday when the Illinois archery season opens. If you have been following my blog entries you will remember that Trump is a 6 1/2 year old buck that I have gotten trail camera photos of for […]

So You Want to be on a Pro-Staff

The hunting industry has changed big-time in the last 20 years but those trying to become a part of it have not always changed as quickly. Many who are striving to be a part of pro-staffs and work with outdoor companies in various ways simply have the wrong ideas and wrong approach. The purpose of this […]

Trump vs Trump

When you name your 2016 target buck “Trump” it is bound to cause a stir and bring on a lot of questions. When I decided to share my quest for “Trump” through this blog I didn’t intend for things to turn political. I guess that is impossible this fall with a presidential election unlike any before […]