Trump Wins Round One

My quest to tag a giant 6-year old whitetail buck I named “Trump” is starting to heat up. With the month of October now half-way over I thought it was time for an update. After all, the most common question I seem to get asked lately is “Have you seen Trump yet?” Thus far I have to […]

It’s Trump Time!

My quest to tag a giant whitetail buck I have named Trump will shift to a higher gear on Saturday when the Illinois archery season opens. If you have been following my blog entries you will remember that Trump is a 6 1/2 year old buck that I have gotten trail camera photos of for […]

So You Want to be on a Pro-Staff

The hunting industry has changed big-time in the last 20 years but those trying to become a part of it have not always changed as quickly. Many who are striving to be a part of pro-staffs and work with outdoor companies in various ways simply have the wrong ideas and wrong approach. The purpose of this […]

Trump vs Trump

When you name your 2016 target buck “Trump” it is bound to cause a stir and bring on a lot of questions. When I decided to share my quest for “Trump” through this blog I didn’t intend for things to turn political. I guess that is impossible this fall with a presidential election unlike any before […]

Chasing “Trump”

I am more excited for this hunting season to get started than I have been for several years. It has become increasing difficult over the years to even find a buck that gets me excited but that is not the case this season. In July I captured a series of trail camera photos of a […]

Summer Habitat Work – Tree Plantings

By now anyone that is even halfway serious about habitat management already has their spring food plots planted. In fact those plots are likely well-established and hungry deer are already visiting them on a regular basis. With the ideal planting time for fall-planted food-plots still several weeks away, many think we are at a dead period […]

The Best Time to Kill a Buck

Several years ago I wrote an article titled “The Best Time to Kill a Buck”. The lesson I shared in that article is worth repeating here because like a lot of good information regarding hunting mature bucks, it hasn’t changed. So when do you think is the best time to kill a mature buck? Most whitetail hunters […]

My Favorite Food Plot

Earlier this week I sprayed all of my foodplots, which are located on 4 different properties in preparation for planting in the next few weeks. I get asked all the time what my favorite food plot is and I never hesitate to answer … “SOYBEANS!”. Soybeans are attractive to deer from the time they germinate […]

Hiring the Right Whitetail Consultant

In the interest of full-disclosure let me say right out of the gate that I AM A WHITETAIL CONSULTANT. People pay me to visit their hunting properties and develop a plan to make their property the very best that it can be for killing big mature whitetail bucks. Right now we are in the heart of […]

Of Thieves and Determination

For many years now my goal each hunting season has been to end the season as a better hunter than I was on opening day. This is a very simple goal and by remaining a student of the whitetail rather than thinking I know it all, I have achieved it to varying degrees each year. […]