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Whitetail Land Consulting

Do you want to kill the biggest buck running on your property each year?

Today’s whitetail hunters have numerous consultants to choose from to help them take their property and their hunting success to new levels. However, there are some big differences between these consultants and as a potential client you should take a close look at any that you are considering hiring.

Right from the beginning of the process you will see that Don Higgins is different from other consultants. Don starts by looking at an aerial photo of your property and asking a few questions to get a good feel for your property and your goals for it. While many consultants first concern is getting you booked for their services, Don’s first focus is to make sure you are a good fit for what he offers. He wants to make sure that he can offer you something of value before agreeing to take on your project and taking your money.


Don will only visit properties during a small window of opportunity in the winter and early spring months. At this time of year the woods are open and everything is much easier to see and evaluate. He feels strongly that this is the only time of year when any consultant can really offer their clients the best service.

Finally, Don will only visit properties in the region of the country where he feels most comfortable doling out advice. He believes that every consultant has a region where their service is of more value than anywhere else. For Don that region is the Midwest so this is where he focuses his efforts and has turned down numerous invitations to consult in other areas.

In a nutshell, what separates Don Higgins from other whitetail consultants is his screening of potential clients to make sure they get something of value for their money and his insistence that his visits happen during the best time of year and within a specific geographic range. These things clearly prove that Don has his clients best interest at heart. Furthermore, no consultant in business today can match Don’s track record for hunting success or the hunting success of his clients.

Do you want to kill world-class bucks?


Don Higgins is the only consultant in business today that has killed a wild free-range buck scoring more than 200” and who also has multiple clients who killed bucks scoring over 200” after his consulting visit.  Note: All of these bucks were officially measured by Boone & Crockett scorers!

Before deciding on the best consultant for you and your property, be sure to ask a few important questions.

1. Has the consultant consistently killed the caliber of bucks that you wish to harvest?

If your goal is to harvest bucks of a certain age and size, it is important that the consultant you hire is actually killing bucks of that caliber on a consistent basis. If he cannot do it himself, how is he going to help you do it? Would you hire someone to work on the brakes on your car if they had never done it before?

To take this a step further, you should look at how and where a consultant has taken the bucks he has. Can someone with a few nice bucks taken with a rifle really offer pertinent information to someone looking to kill bucks with a bow somewhere else?

Don Higgins routinely harvests and passes bucks scoring more than 150”. In fact he has passed multiple bucks scoring over 170” and has killed numerous bucks scoring from 150” – 214”, all with a bow.

2. Will the consultant go “anywhere” at “any time”?

Some consultants are willing to travel to all parts of the country during any time of the year to meet with clients and tour their properties. This can be a pretty good indicator that the consultant is more interested in taking someone’s money than offering them a quality review and plan for their property.

Don realizes that his experience is in the Midwest farm country so that is the only region where he will go to consult. He also realizes that a much better view of the property can be observed during the winter and early spring months when the landscape is devoid of green foliage. For these reasons Don will only agree to consult on properties in the Midwest and only visit during the period between the end of hunting season and spring green-up. Don is likely the only consultant who routinely turns down requests for his services. If he doesn’t honestly feel that he can help, he won’t take your money.

3. What do you get for your money when you hire a particular consultant?

When a consultant visits your property what exactly do you get? When Don visits your property you get a marked aerial map and written plan uniquely designed for your property. The plan will detail suggested habitat improvements, tree stand locations and other relevant notes and suggestions. Don keeps a digital copy of your plan on his computer for reference to answer your future questions. Many clients call with questions years after Don visited their property.

4. Is the consultant experienced and familiar with government programs and plant species found in your region?

Don Higgins has worked as a conservation contractor for the past two decades and as such has planted literally millions of trees and shrubs on thousands of acres in multiple states across the Midwest. He has also planted hundreds of acres of warm season native grasses and is co-founder of a food-plot seed company, Real World Wildlife Products Inc. Many of these projects were for government programs such as CRP. Don brings the experience and knowledge from these endeavors as he puts together a plan to make each property the very best it can possibly be.

5. Does the consultant have a proven track record with satisfied clients?

Don is likely the only consultant in business today who has harvested a wild free-ranging buck scoring over 200” and who has multiple clients who have also killed bucks scoring more than 200” after his visit. Let’s face it; are you hiring someone to come to your property to show you how to use a chainsaw or how to kill mature bucks? Many “experts” and consultants have grand ideas and a great sales-pitch but really, if their ideas are so great shouldn’t they be easily proven with some mature bucks on the ground killed by the guys promoting the ideas. Unproven gimmicks and hype abounds in the whitetail hunting industry.

Some of the projects Don may suggest and implement on your property!

• Treestand placement with notes on access routes, time of season to hunt, etc

• Sanctuary designation and creation

• Timber Stand Improvement

• Foodplot placement, creation and planting suggestions

• Warm Season Native Grass plantings (specifically designed for whitetails)

• Tree plantings (with suggested species and details)

• Shrub plantings (with suggested species and details)

• Water Hole construction

• Overall hunting/management plan

Consulting Fees – $3000 per day plus travel expenses

For less than the price of a one-week guided whitetail hunt, you can have a custom-designed plan to make your hunting property the best it can be for the rest of your life!

If you are interested in having Don visit your property and design a custom plan, please fill out this Consulting Client Questionnaire.

What People Say About Don's Whitetail Consulting!

  • Jason Reese - Missouri

    I contracted Don to improve the deer herd and quality on my Missouri farm. I bought the farm just over a year ago in the fall of 2015. I knew the farm had the potential of producing quality bucks (150 inch and up range) as my game camera would later prove. The issue was the lack of deer on my 190 acre parcel during legal shooting light. I would sit for days and not see really anything but my cameras would light up after dark. I've never experienced anything like it in the almost 20 years in the stand. I realize deer are nocturnal but this was ridiculous. I was really nervous that I had made a bad investment. After some fairly extensive research I found Don. From the start I knew that this guy was the real deal. He formulated a detailed plan that I followed to the letter, everything from logging, Food plots , types of food to be planted and for which season. He also laid out the shapes of the plots, blind and tree stand placement ect. He even dropped what he was doing with little notice and drove 4 plus hours out to the farm so we could get a special grass planted that was critical to our plan. I am happy to report that the deer on my farm are thriving in the sunlight! Each month of the season got better and better. I was seeing 15 to 30 deer per sit with each one getting better. It was crazy how the deer would file out from the areas Don and I had designated as a sanctuary and pile into my food plots. It was unreal and I wouldn't have thought it was possible in that short amount of time. We still have some work to do but I cannot wait to see what next year is like. Don is as advertised a Trophy Whitetail Expert that I have come to know as an advisor and friend.

    Jason Reese - Missouri