Helping make your 

“Big-Buck Dreams” 

come true!

Welcome to Higgins Outdoors!

If you are passionate about taking your whitetail hunting success to the next level, you are at the right place! Don Higgins has become a well-respected whitetail hunting and land management authority who regularly shares his knowledge through magazine articles, books, seminars, podcasts, blog posts and one-on-one interactions with other passionate whitetail hunters. The choice is yours, you can fall for the gimmicks and hype that some are peddling or you can learn from someone who has actually been successful himself and has also helped others become more successful as well.

Whitetail Land Consulting

For less than the price of a one-week guided whitetail hunt, you can have a custom-designed plan to make your hunting property the best it can be for the rest of your life!

Whitetail Master Course

Unlike any other whitetail course ever offered!   Visit 2 properties and see the very stands where Boone & Crocket Bucks have been killed! Take your hunting to the next level!

Chasing Giants Podcast

This deer hunting podcast is one you don’t want to miss.   It is unique, you get to ask questions about hunting Giant Whitetails and Don will answer them.   

Do you want to kill world-class bucks?

Don Higgins is the only Whitetail Consultant in business that has harvested multiple wild whitetail bucks scoring more than 200” and who also has multiple clients who have killed bucks scoring over 200” after his consulting visit to their properties.

All of these bucks were officially measured by Boone & Crockett scorers!

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