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Do you want to kill world-class bucks?

Don Higgins is the only Whitetail Consultant in business that has harvested multiple wild whitetail bucks scoring more than 200” and who also has multiple clients who have killed bucks scoring over 200” after his consulting visit to their properties.







All of these bucks were officially measured by Boone & Crockett scorers!

Welcome to Higgins Outdoors!

If you are passionate about taking your whitetail hunting success to the next level, you are at the right place! Don Higgins has become a well-respected whitetail hunting and land management authority who regularly shares his knowledge through magazine articles, books, seminars, blog posts and one-on-one interactions with other passionate whitetail hunters.

The choice is yours, you can fall for the gimmicks and hype that some are peddling or you can learn from someone who has actually been successful himself and has also helped others become more successful as well.

What People Say About Don!

  • DJ Leemon - Osseo, Wisconsin

    "I hired Don to come out late last winter to help me lay out a plan for our property. I did a lot of research on land consultants and I felt Don was the best fit for our needs. We are in West Central Wisconsin and have hilly ridgetops with bottom land ag fields. I was getting a lot of night pictures of great bucks feeding on our property but no day time sightings. We both knew we needed more bedding cover on the property but how and where was the best place to put it? With a small property I know if you make a mistake you may wish you had spent the money on a good consultant. Don designed a plan that included tall grasses added for cover, TSI projects as well as identifying a sanctuary and feeding areas. The plan Don designed will take me several years to fully complete but even with the initial work done the first year I could see tangible results. Once I understood the principle of Dons plan and started implementing it we really saw an almost immediate improvement on mature buck sightings. I recommend Don to anyone in the Midwest looking to improve the deer hunting and habitat on their land. He was fair, honest and a trustworthy Christian man who I think does a great job. One more thing about Don is that we continue to correspond with each other even after the job was completed. He always has time to answer a question or reply to comments. Attached is a photo of a great buck that is now staying on the property. I cant wait for this coming bow season!"

    DJ Leemon - Osseo, Wisconsin