Higgins Outdoors is a dealer for 360 Hunting Blinds. These well-built blinds are extremely quiet and offer an unobstructed view with no blind spots. If you plan to purchase a hunting blind you really need to take a close look at 360 Hunting Blinds.

Higgins Outdoors offers a discount on 360 hunting blinds for our consulting clients and students at our Whitetail Master Courses.

360 Hunting Blind Pricing

6×6 360 Pro-Series Blind: $2750

7×7 360 Pro-Series XL: $3150

6×6 Shootin House: $2750

5×5 Shanty Hunter Blind: $1800

Tower Stands for 360 Hunting Blinds

8 Foot Metal Tower Stand: $1300

4 Foot Stand Extension: $500

Shanty Hunter Blind

“When I first saw the 360 hunting blinds at a show in Ohio I was so impressed that I tried to buy the company. I have since replaced every blind on the properties that I hunt with 360 blinds. They are hands-down the very best blinds I have ever seen or hunted from.”Don Higgins

Note – Don can deliver 360 hunting blinds when he visits your property for a consulting visit. We also work with a trusted business associate who can deliver and erect your 360 Hunting Blinds.