Real World Whitetail Icons … in Their Own Words


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This high-quality hardback book is a limited edition of 5000 copies.  It is sure to become a collectors item amongst serious whitetail hunting enthusiasts.

Don Higgins’ latest book seems destined to be a one-of-a-kind classic amongst whitetail hunting fanatics. Don started by recruiting a dozen highly successful and yet extremely ethical whitetail veterans and then left them with only this single instruction – “Write 2 or 3 chapters about any issue you want as long as it relates to whitetail deer hunting.” The result is a unique blend of how-to advice and big-buck stories seasoned with a bit of opinion and nostalgia. Each author’s unique personality is allowed to shine through as there was no editing for “political correctness.”

This 328-page hardback book contains over 100 color photos including some never before published photos of the authors during their “earlier years” as well as a number of whitetail paintings by superb wildlife artist Hayden Lambson. There is also a lengthy chapter on the history of modern day bowhunting, starting with the discovery of Ishi and continuing through today’s whitetail mania. Prepare to be entertained as these authors open up and share their un-edited thoughts and advice on hunting mature whitetails

Alan Foster – A regular contributor to North American Whitetail magazine in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Al’s material in this book is his first in nearly 20 years.

Adam Hays – Likely the only bowhunter to have killed 3 whitetails scoring over 200″!

Steve Lachenmayr – Whitetail habitat guru who was named Illinois wildlife conservation landowner of the year in 2007.

Joe Lieb – Accomplished all-around Iowa outdoorsman with multiple BnC archery whitetails.

Lee Mitchell – The best public-lands whitetail hunter I ever met, bar none.

Mike Mitten – Traditional bowhunter extraordinaire and co-producer of classic videos Primal Dreams and Essential Encounters.

Roger Rothhaar – A true legend recognized by all veteran whitetail fanatics. This is Roger’s first published whitetail writings in over 20 years

Gerald “Gabe” Shaffner – Has more bucks listed in the Illinois big buck recognition program than anyone. Gabe’s chapters in this book are his last contribution to the whitetail hunting community as he passed away only a couple of weeks after writing his chapters.

Barry Wensel – An accomplished whitetail bowhunting legend known for his “crooked hat”. Barry has tagged 3 Boone & Crockett whitetails with traditional bows and was the first hunter to kill a whitetail with a bow on production video.

Gene Wensel – Needs no introduction. Legendary author of multiple whitetail books and renowned seminar speaker.

Bobby Worthington – Has had more monster bucks profiled in North American Whitetail magazine than anyone.

In addition to these 12 whitetail icons, Don Higgins included 3 of his own chapters at the end of the book. The finishing touch comes from wildlife artists Hayden Lambson and Jim Hoker. Hayden’s paintings and Jim’s drawings appear throughout the book to further stimulate the reader’s imagination. Be sure to get your copy of Real World Whitetail Icons… In Their Own Words and prepare to be educated and entertained. It is a keepsake that you will want to pass down to the next generation of whitetail hunters in your family.