Whitetail Master Course


Dates for 2023 Whitetail Master Course –

March 9 & 11 – (with Dr Bronson Strickland) March 16 & 18 

Each Course is limited to 25 students. 

March 9 & 11 classes with Dr. Bronson Strickland from MSU Deer Lab is $2000 per student.
March 16 & 18 classes are $1500 per student. 

$500 deposit required per student to reserve your spot.

New for 2023!

We are offering a remote Master Class in Middlefield, Ohio on February 4, 2023

This class will be held at A-M Gutters, 13970 Old State Rd. Middlefield, OH.

We will tour 2 properties owned by Ray & Aden Miller. Don Higgins consulted on these properties a few years ago and they have been developed following Dons plan. A catered lunch will be served.

Cost for this remote class is $950 per student

$250 deposit required to reserve your spot

To reserve a spot in any of these classes, please mail a check to –

Higgins Outdoors   1427 N 3500 East rd   Gays, IL 61928

Please note the names of students the deposit is for and the date of the class you want to attend.

Tour the 120-acre property where Don Higgins has killed multiple Boone & Crockett caliber bucks including two bucks scoring over 200”. Learn the specific management strategies behind one of the most productive whitetail properties in North America, acre for acre.

Dr Bronson Strickland from the Mississippi State University Deer Lab will be a guest speaker at two of Don Higgins’ Whitetail Master Courses in 2022 (March 10 & 12). Dr Strickland will detail his scientifically proven approach for managing a property for bigger bucks and then Don will discuss how he used these same principals on his 120-acre farm to turn it into, acre for acre, one of North America’s best big-buck-producing whitetail properties.

Previous course attendees were surveyed -

100% say they learned something that will make them a better deer hunter

100% say they would recommend this course to a friend

Have you ever wanted to see the exact stand set-ups where veteran whitetail hunter Don Higgins has killed some of his biggest mature bucks? Wouldn’t it be neat to sit in the very blind where Don Higgins shot Smokey, a 206” buck from 2017, and see the exact layout of the property? Or maybe see the very stands where he encountered his 214” buck from 2004 and where he shot Mel in 2020 (the #6 all-time typical by bow)? Now you can do all of these things and more by attending the most informative, no BS course of its kind anywhere.

For decades Don Higgins has shared his knowledge about consistently tagging giant mature bucks through magazine articles, books, seminars, and consulting visits to client’s properties. Now you can visit Don’s very own Central Illinois property and see exactly how it is set up and managed to kill the biggest bucks there EVERY SEASON! 

This one-day course will be approximately half indoors and half in the field. Students will actually visit 2 different properties where Don has killed giant mature bucks to get a better feel for how it is done and what it takes. Before taking to the field, you will see photos and videos of bucks taken from the very stands that will be visited as well as aerial photos of the properties. Don will explain each set-up in detail. See the exact stands where true giant bucks were killed and listen to Don explain why he placed his stands in those locations. Students will even be able to climb into the blind where Don shot Smokey, his 206” buck from 2017. No other class offers you a first-hand look at proven results and takes you to the exact spots where it happened!


 During this course we will go to the exact stand sites where these bucks (and others) were shot –

Each Class Limited to 20 students – Lunch provided

$1500 per student – $2000 per student for classes with Dr. Bronson Strickland

$500 deposit required to reserve your spot.

Course schedule
Evening Prior 6-9 pm – social hours with pizza & pop 
Class Day 8 am – 4 pm (approximate) class and property tours

To Check  Availability or reserve your spot Contact-
Don Higgins – (217) 273-2825 don@higginsoutdoors.com